Member FAQ

We'll expand this page as the membership grows.

What is a Streetlamp membership?

A Streetlamp membership, at its core, is a way to support other creators. Half of all membership fees will go directly to creators and their projects. The other half will support our team, the website, and creating behind-the-scenes content for members.

Who can sign up for a Streetlamp membership?


How does one become a Streetlamp member?

Simply click the subscribe button in the top right (or in the slide-out menu on mobile), select your preferred plan, and enter your payment details.

Is there any commitment?

Memberships are monthly. You can cancel at any time. We may, in the future, offer discounted annual memberships.

How do I cancel my Streetlamp Membership?

Click the button...

What do I get as a member?

Various membership tiers will offer different benefits. All members, including free members, will have the ability to comment on posts and join our Discord community. Paid members will have additional benefits and unique content. Most importantly, this is all new and subject to change. We will do our best to provide value to members as well as to creators. The primary goal of membership, after all, is to illuminate new voices.

Is Pitch Premium included in my Streetlamp Membership?

Pitch Premium subscriptions are separate from Streetlamp memberships. Pitch Premium subscriptions use Supporting Cast technology to allow premium subscribers to access Pitch Premium episodes in the podcast app of their choice.  Streetlamp Members do not (currently) get access to Pitch Premium episodes.

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