Announcing Pitch! - A Screenwriting Podcast

Streetlamp Media is excited to announce Pitch!, a new podcast hosted by Leah Saint Marie and Angel Daahoud  Murphy.

The show's official description:

This is Pitch!, a podcast that connects storytellers with the world. Your hosts are Leah Saint Marie and Angel Daahoud Murphy, two filmmakers who want to create an open door for writers into the industry. In each episode, we talk about pitching, screenwriting, and the ups and downs of filmmaking. Sometimes we interview industry guests who share their insider tips.

We also offer a Premium paid version of each episode. Premium episodes include two or three writers pitching their ideas for films, TV pilots, plays, novels, and comic books, with working actors doing table reads of the first three pages of each pitched script.

If you’re a creative who’s written something powerful you’re passionate about, and you’re tired of closed doors, this podcast is for you. If you’re part of the industry looking for the next indie, action, thriller, drama, horror story, and you want to open that door for someone else, this podcast is for you. If you just want to hear good stories, listen up. We're throwing open the doors to Hollywood. Cheers!

Pitch! is, first and foremost, a podcast for screenwriters by screenwriters. It's also so much more. It's a repository of ideas and storytelling. It's a platform for writers with a script to practice the less obvious skills of their craft. It's a paid gig for actors doing table reads. It's an educational tool for those learning how to sell a vision.

"I have a degree in creative writing," says Streetlamp founder Kevin Koperski. "In that program, we read literature. We wrote a lot. We critiqued endlessly. But we never discussed the business of writing or surviving as a freelance creative artist. There were no classes about selling your ideas. I've since written query letters to agents, had a script under consideration with a major production company, published a novel, pitched my own startups to hundreds of investors, and listened to others do the same. I rarely felt I knew I was doing, because I didn't know how to find the right resources, and I didn't know the right people to help me practice. We think Pitch! can help fill that gap. In fact, Leah is currently reaching out to university writing programs about using Pitch! as part of their curriculum. That's exciting."

"There's value to be found," he continued, "listening to examples and learning from the experiences of others. Half the benefit of watching Shark Tank is learning how people sell, learning what works and what doesn't. Pitch! offers something similar. Hopefully without the pressure of circling predators trying to score the best deal for themselves. We're thrilled to be part of that."

Pitch! is available today on your favorite podcast platforms. New episodes arrive every Thursday.  Pitch! Premium subscribers get access to bonus episodes with introductions by screenwriters, their pitches, and table reads of their script. Pitch! Premium episodes are released a day early, on Wednesdays. You can subscribe today at

Pitch! is currently looking for advertisers keen on reaching our unique audience of screenwriters and filmmakers. To learn more, get in touch.

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