Announcing 'Before the Fade' - A Music Podcast

Streetlamp Media is excited to announce Before the Fade, a new podcast hosted by Angel Murphy and produced by Leah Saint Marie.

The show's official description:

Before the Fade explores some of the most recognizable songs in recorded history and the people responsible for making the music. Each episode includes a new guest along with your host, Angel Daahoud Murphy, a former jazz musician turned filmmaker. Angel discusses our guest’s personal connection to the song as well as the song’s background, the musician’s inspiration for the song, and the culture in which the song rose to the top and became that song. So sit back, relax, and listen to some legendary musicians, Oscar-winning sound engineers, and Grammy-winning producers.

Before the Fade is Streetlamp Media's first foray into podcasts. Streetlamp will executive produce, distribute, and manage merchandising via the Streetlamp Store.

"I've been working with Angel and Leah for about a year now," says Streetlamp founder Kevin Koperski. "They're incredibly professional, and smart, and they get things done."

This podcast is a precursor to a planned documentary titled After the Fade, where Angel and Leah explore what happened after the fade of classic songs. The documentary is currently in pre-production.

"Before the Fade," says Koperski, "and Angels' upcoming documentary, are passion projects built out of a love of music, the artists who make it, and the process to create it. Few things excite me more than creators talking about creating. I'm thrilled with the quality of the show, and I'm thankful that Angel and Leah approached us to help bring the project to life."

There are six planned episodes for Season 1, all of which are in post-production now. Before the Fade's first episode launches today, with new episodes arriving monthly. For more details, visit our Before the Fade podcast home. Or listen now on your favorite podcast app.

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