Announcing the Launch of Streetlamp Media

We're excited to announce the launch of Streetlamp Media. Our goal is to illuminate new voices and technologies in the worlds of publishing, animation, and filmmaking.

Streetlamp Media began in 2012 as Streetlamp Press, a publishing vehicle for founder Kevin Koperski's novel, Amontillado. Since then, it has sat relatively dormant.

In 2016, Koperski co-founded a successful technology startup which was acquired by Expedia Group in 2018. Thanks to that success, he's reviving the Streetlamp brand. His goal is to give it new life and a mission to expand beyond his own personal creative endeavors, to explore new methodologies and technologies in the creative process, to support underrepresented voices, and to help others achieve creative and financial success. The company is in the very earliest stages of this evolution, but Koperski envisions a fair and equitable future for all involved.

"Creative endeavors are difficult," says Koperski. "Twenty years ago, I wanted nothing more than to make movies. I wrote screenplays and made short films. I took a job earning almost no money at a design and animation company, where I had access to equipment and likeminded friends. I was a young, ambitious, college educated kid with more opportunity and privilege than most, but I still struggled to make anything happen.

"I've had some success in various business endeavors since then. Now I want to return to those roots, and I want to help talented people tell their stories, especially those without as much privilege or opportunity. There will inevitably be a learning curve, and I welcome all thoughts and opinions as we move forward, but it promises to be an exciting journey."

Streetlamp already has two projects in early development. One is a partnership with Koperski's other endeavor, Amulet Studios, to use Epic Games' Unreal Engine to produce an animated series called Thera. The second project is an untitled short-form musical series, for which Koperski is currently seeking a writing team.

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