Pitch! Screenwriting Podcast Gets Its Own Home on the Web - PitchPodcast.fm

The inaugural season of the Pitch! Screenwriting Podcast is, to borrow from old filmmaking jargon, in the can. Thousands of downloads. Phenomenal guests. Informative and educational interviews. And a dedicated listener base. We're thrilled at the results, and we appreciate everyone who joined us and helped spread the word.

As we prepare season 2, we're also launching a new website. PitchPodcast.fm is the new home for all things Pitch!  With community functionality, new subscription tiers, and (thanks to the WGA strike ending) all new script pitches, the site promises a wealth of information and support for both aspiring and practicing screenwriters, filmmakers, producers, and anyone selling an idea.

With subscription tiers, we hope to bring additional value to our listeners including industry-focused newsletters, pitch consultations and notes for subscribers, community segments on the podcast, ad-free episodes, and more.

So stop by pitchpodcast.fm, say hi, tell a story, and let us know what you want to hear in Season 2 and beyond.

About Pitch! Podcast

Pitch! is a weekly podcast focused on screenwriting, filmmaking, and how to pitch an idea. The goal is to help demystify the pitching process.

Pitch! is hosted by writer/director/journalist Leah Saint Marie and actor/director/writer Angel Daahoud Murphy. Pitch! is executive produced by Kevin Koperski and distributed by Streetlamp Media.

Listen to Pitch! on your favorite podcast platform.

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