Streetlamp Media to Executive Produce and Distribute a Pair of New Podcasts

We're excited to announce two new podcasts now in development.

Before the Fade, hosted by multitalented musician, actor, and filmmaker Angel D Murphy, explores the history of popular songs and discusses the decisions that went into their production in the recording studio. Guests include Tower of Power's Emelio Castillo, Cornelius Grant of the Temptations, Susan Rogers, DJ Lady Sinclair, and more....

Pitch!, hosted by Angel Daahoud Murphy and prolific screenwriter/director/journalist Leah Saint Marie, focuses on the filmmaking industry and the methods and techniques involved with pitching your ideas.  The podcast should appeal to a wide range of audiences from studio executives to established or aspiring screenwriters to working filmmakers.  

Pitch! will also include a paid premium edition. In the free edition, hosts and guests discuss the art of the pitch. Each episode of the premium edition will include the free edition plus at least two 60 second pitches from working screenwriters and a table read of a scene from their script with working actors.

Both podcasts, as well as Pitch! Premium, will be available in your favorite podcast apps starting in February or March 2023.

Follow us on Social Media or our website for more details as we get closer to launch.

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