Streetlamp Media to Executive Produce Short Film by Writer/Director Leah Welch

Streetlamp Media is excited to announce its first non-Kickstarter independent film project, partnering with writer/director Leah Welch to executive produce a short film based on her original script, Two Dresses.

“I first met Leah through Twitter,” says Kevin Koperski, Streetlamp’s founder. “Beyond her impressive background and education, I was most struck by her desire to help others in the screenwriting world. She reads scripts for free. She advocates for women in film. She offers mentorships for beginners and conducts mini-contests to cover entry fees to screenwriting contests. Basically, she’s awesome, and she gets stuff done, and I’m thrilled to be working with her.”

Two Dresses is the story of two men, married at different times to the same women, arguing over which dress to bury her in. When asked what excites her most about turning the script into a live action short, Welch immediately praised the cast and crew she’s assembled.

“I’m most excited to see the fight sequence play out,” she says, “because it’s a concerted effort between stuntman Luke Crosby’s skill, as well as the ability of actors Adam Sinclair and Angel Murphy, to deliver on a physical as well as an emotional level. I’m excited to see not only what having three cameras will help achieve but also the craft level of my DP Adriana Serrato and gaffer/camera operator Ali Pleasant as they help bring our film to the screen.”

“Oh!” she continues, “I should also mention that Roxanne Pike’s SPFX are unparalleled and LaRae Mychel’s attention to detail for wardrobe has made me even more excited. As always, producer Katrina Kudlick has been a boon to my creative process, and finding Kevin on Twitter, and bonding over creative writing, has been equal parts so surreal and so wonderful.”

Filming for Two Dresses is slated for early October in Malibu, CA., with an expected release in 2022.

Regarding her ambitions for the project, Welch says, “I’d love to see this film place in any of the short film, Oscar qualifying competitions because my goal for any film I write and direct is for it to be a showcase of the cast and crew and to have their work on our project get them more work on other projects.”

“This is an exciting step for Streetlamp,” says Koperski. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been intimately involved with filmmaking. Leah is incredibly tolerant of my ignorance. She’s transparent with budgets and plans and vision, and she’s always eager to fill some of the gaps in my pop-culture awareness that emerged when I had kids. Exciting stuff.”

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Check out the Two Dresses IMDB page.

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