#20 - Franklin Leonard, Founder and CEO of the Black List

Episode Details

Leah and Angel sit down for a chat with producer, entrepreneur, founder and CEO of the Black List Franklin Leonard. Franklin offers insight into how he came up with the Black List, what goes into a good pitch, and how the industry can change to more actively find screenwriters instead of the passive way it’s been handled in the past.

You can contact Leah on twitter @leahwelch19 and Angel on twitter @oneracingthesun

Or our podcast @PitchWrite. You can contact Franklin Leonard @franklinleonard and can check out his script website blcklst.com.

For all of those preWGA and WGA writers going through rough times right now, here are some organizations who can financially help you:

This lists several resources for aid: https://www.writeinclusion.org/strikeresources

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