Pitch Episodes

#16 - Interview with Actor & Filmmaker Adam Sinclair

Leah and Angel talk with actor/filmmaker Adam Sinclair.

#15 - Interview with Larry Laboe, Co-Founder of New Filmmakers LA. - Pt 2

Larry Laboe offers advice on festivals, submissions, and financing.

#14 - Interview with Larry Laboe, Co-Founder of New Filmmakers LA. - Pt 1

Larry Laboe discusses pitching techniques, festivals, securing distribution, and more.

#13 - A Chat with Bill Thompson, Executive Director of Young Storytellers

Leah and Angel chat with Bill about injecting yourself into your pitch and supporting Young Storytellers.

#12 - Liz Hannah, Award Winning Screenwriter - Pt 2

The second half of our interview with screenwriter Liz Hannah.

#11 - Liz Hannah - Award Winning Screenwriter & Producer - Pt 1

Leah and Angel invite their friend Carrie Weisberg on the show to interview her good friend, Oscar Nominated Screenwriter, Liz Hannah.

#10 - Audience Testing with Stephen Hornyak - Pt 2

Stephen Hornyak discusses audience testing, films as poetry, writer's block, and sending your script to the right audience

#9 - Audience Testing with Stephen Hornyak - Pt 1

Leah & Angel talk with their friend, producer, actor, & audience tester Stephen Hornyak.

#8 - Let's Talk about Success

Leah & Angel talk about what success can mean in the world of screenwriting.

#7 - Leah & Angel Talk with Emmy-winning Filmmaker Dustin Morrow

Leah & Angel chat with Emmy-winning professor and filmmaker Dustin Morrow.

#6 - Interview with Vanishing Angle’s Matt Miller and Natalie Metzger

Leah & Angel chat about pitches, tenacity, risk, and reward with Matt Miller and Natalie Metzger of Vanishing Angle.

#5 - TV, Research, and White Writers Writing Indigenous Characters

Angel and Leah get granular on TV shows that have influenced them as both audience members and writers.

#4 - Interview with John Zaozirny, Literary Manager and president of feature film production at Bellevue Productions

Hosts Leah and Angel go deep with John Zaorzirny

#3 - Interview with Director/Writer/Producer Duo Mercedes Bryce Morgan and Katrina Kudlick

Angel and Leah are joined by filmmakers Mercedes Bryce Morgan and Katrina Kudlick who discuss their films Fixation and Spoonful of Sugar.

#2 - The One Where Leah Can't be the Covid Officer

Hosts discuss Leah's adventures during the production of her script and Angel's feature assignment.

#1 - Premium Preview - “The Killing Floor,” “ESC,” “Hammond”

This is a special preview of our PREMIUM episode content. This week's pitches include “The Killing Floor,” “ESC,” “Hammond”. Subscribe at pitch.supportincast.fm.

#1 - Why this podcast exists

Leah and Angel discuss the impetus for PITCH!

#0 - Promo- Pitch!

Introducing our new podcast, Pitch!

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